10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Freelancer In 2021

Freelancing is one of the most recognized ventures that have made their way in 2021. Today, companies are showing their interest in hiring specialized freelancers and avail their expertise.

This has created an incredible opportunity for budding freelancers to start their freelancing business and hop on the thriving exposure. However, commencing a freelance profession is not a piece of cake it requires lots of agility and preparation to make sure your business is consistent and successful. 

10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Freelancer In 2021:

1. Prepare yourself:

Mental preparation is one of the major requisites of freelancing. It is imperative to define your goals and answer a few questions like are you interested in freelancing due to the lifestyle benefits that it offers? Are you financially stable to take up a full-time freelancing and leave your existing job? Do you want to do part-time freelancing while continuing your existing job? Is freelancing a stepping stone in your career? And much more.

The answers to these questions will give you more clarity and make you prepared for any circumstances in the future. A Freelancer must take some considerable time to understand to ultimate goal and intricacies of freelancing.

2. Finding your specialization or niche:

There are a lot of competitors in the freelancing community. The increase in freelancing acceptance has made it necessary for all to be different and achieve expertise in their job.

To become a successful freelancer one must do a comprehensive reach and shortlist profitable niche that can help one to make a distinct mark in the industry.

Going through various freelancing platforms, researching in-vogue freelancing projects, jobs, trending topics, etc can give one a tentative idea about which industry is profitable and have great scope in the freelancing business.

3. Identify your target audience:

The next step is to determine who will be your prospective client. Tapping the right type of clients is crucial for a freelancing business. One must define and make some basic assumptions like what kind of companies you will like to target, what problem is your freelancing service solving etc.

Narrowing your target audience can help you to achieve the desired outcome and escalate your business revenue in the future. However, one must be open to work with new clients, new companies and must not restrict to a particular industry or segment. Updating and upgrading regularly can take your freelancing business to newer heights.

4. Set your prices right:

Price is one of the most important and deciding factors. A Freelancer must rightly price its services. Quoting low can initially fetch up some clients but in the long run, you may find it difficult to sustain your business. Whereas, quoting high will limit your clientele and obstruct your growth.

As a freelancer, you must do comprehensive research and determine the strategic price for your services.

Your freelancing price should be at par with the industry standards. This way you will not only able to run your business for long but also steadily flourish the venture.

5. Create a stunning portfolio:

Your work speaks louder than words and it is a must to have an impressive portfolio to attract new clients and build their trust. Make sure to curate the best of your work and arrange them in a proper format.

Industry research and browsing through the portfolio of some leading freelancers can give you an idea about how to create an appealing portfolio. You can also build a high-quality portfolio website containing information about your professional experience, niche, past works, case studies, etc. 

6. Explain your expertise:

Just building a portfolio will not get you freelancing projects. A freelancer must showcase the expertise of the field and must share how his/her professional service can add more value to the project and the company. Create examples of what you can deliver and explain them in creative lines to engage your prospective client.

One must able to build the trust and interest of the target audience by communicating with them how he/she is different from the other contemporaries. 

7. Build your presence:

The increasing digitalization and fierce competition have made it mandatory to have a good offline and online presence. One must register on various freelancing platforms like Brafu to establish oneself as a freelancer and reach umpteen global clients.

Freelancing portals such as Brafu give freelancers a golden opportunity to be a part of the freelancing community and build a strong digital presence.

8. Being time-efficient:

One of the greatest qualities that every freelancer must possess is time management. A freelancer must schedule the job according to the priority and real-time deadline.

A freelancer must always keep some buffer time to avoid delay or cancelation of the project. Setting realistic deadlines and delivering work on time can help one to gain the trust of the clients and ensuring recurring business.

9. Strike the perfect balance:

Freelancing demands a lot of mental and physical stability. One must be balanced and composed and should know where to draw a line between professional and personal life.

Achieving balance is a tricky task but as you establish yourself as a freelancer you can surely master this art and achieve success in your freelancing business. 

10. Client support and service:

A freelancer must be able to deliver quality service within the given timeframe. The communication and interaction should be stable and professional. A freelancer must exert to comprehend the exact requirement of the client and offer professional service. He/she must be always accessible and offer a delightful experience to the clients. 


With remote working gaining immense popularity and exposure in 2021, demand for freelancers has tremendously increased. Freelancers must follow the above-mentioned steps to get the required edge and become successful and recognized freelancers. After all, freelancing is a never-ending ocean and the opportunities here are infinite all you require is expertise, skills, and a stable mindset to dive into his ocean and get the deserving success.