Freshers like me are struggling to find jobs during pandemic. Here’s my experience how I made through this in 2020.

This blog is a shout-out to final-year students like me who are experiencing a lot of confusion and uncertainty due to the global pandemic. Last year was very different for all of us.

There were a lot of apprehensions, panic situations, and ambiguity all around. Things were in the dark with no definite goals and objectives. Being in my final year, I was too skeptical about how things will turn up, how will I finish my degree, what will be my career plan, will there be job prospects in my chosen industries, and much more. 

If you are witnessing the same agony and sailing in the same boat like I was, my experience through this blog may help you to understand the career prospects and how you can align your goals with the new normal.

Set the trend with Remote working

The outbreak of COVID 19 has compelled everyone to come out of their comfort zone and pursue their passion. If you have just finished the degree and you are looking out for some career opportunities like me then, you must give a considerable preference to remote working.

Remote working will help you to understand the intricacies of the industry and get first-hand information about the market.

Try to look for freelance prospects on some of the leading freelance marketplace and online platforms. Honestly, remote working has been very lucrative for me. It allowed me to work at my convenience, from my comfort zone without any major traveling or operational costs.

So, whether you are job hunting or just finished your graduation considering remote working can be one of the most advantageous avenues to keep the career continuing in these difficult times.  

Revisit your career aspirations

The pandemic has given you some time to rethink your career objectives and synchronize your plans. Ask some basic questions like what kind of job prospect will you love to chase? If a job position is offered to you, will you accept it? Is there any view concerning future changes? Taking into consideration the current market scenario what is your new ten-year career plan? The answer to these questions will help you to derive a perfect plan of action and make an informed decision. 

If your health, relationship, or property need urgent attention that you should seriously prioritize your things and then commence your career journey. In my case, I made the best use of the free time that I got during the lockdown and pandemic to channelize my energy and set career aspirations.

Creating Multiple Career Paths

Considering a parallel universe and thinking of all the possible alternatives can align your career plans and make you future-ready. Work out all the permutations and combinations to comprehend various career risks involved, if there are entrepreneurship options, what if a career prospect fails, and much more. In the era where the epidemic is surging at an enormous rate and recurring finding out an employment option or working as a freelancer can help you to refine your skills, prepare yourself for uncertain times and make fruitful choices.

Make a list of multiple career prospects that you can consider. Make a list of things you would like to trail as a working professional and make necessary modifications to sync with the new normal.

Survive the pandemic without compromising your career

If you have just begun your journey and completed your education then, take some time to analyze and understand the situation. Jumping off to conclusions and taking a hasty decision will not benefit you in the long run. 

The economists who have studied The Great Depression of the last century have concluded that people with stable mindsets were the ones who came to the best and were able to soar high after the depression was over. Similarly, let the pandemic wave subside. Consider survival as the only option.

Take some time to study the current market scenes, learn prospects and chalk out a target-oriented career plan. 

Set your frame of mind

According to my personal experience what matters the most to take the charge of the situation is your energy levels, approach.

Based on the current scenario and your analysis you can prepare yourself to align and consider a career change if required.

Staying in tandem with the latest modifications and upgrades can set your mind for uncertain times. Be flexible in evaluating various options don't hesitate to ask for guidance and assistance for your career. Seek innovative solutions. 

Embrace the change

The world has changed upside down since the onset of the Pandemic. There have been few drastic changes.

Things that seemed normal when you commenced your career may look like a distant dream today. Be adaptive, embrace the New Normal and go with the flow.

Work habits are witnessing some of the greatest changes with remote working and freelancing becoming the most trending things. Instead of struggling, retain the status quo by modifying your dreams and optimizing your career plan. 

I hope I could help you understand as much & as best as I could

The pandemic has made it lucrative to switch off your career and make it justified socially as well as professionally.

Focus on what you can control and stop stressing about things that are difficult to achieve. A well-reasoned plan along with an intricately explained layoff can provide you the desired positivity and motivation.

The key to success in this uncertain and unrest situation is learning new skills, reducing expenses, apply for multiple jobs, switch geographical locations, look for jobs outside your domain, etc.

Stop worrying about the job market and how it will treat you in the future. Be prepared to face the most complex situations and build a strong belief to sustain in this topsy-turvy world!