How to apply growth hacking strategies to your business?

Growth hacking is an effective way of growing your business. The strategies are experiment-oriented techniques.

To relate the growth hacking process you need the combination of data and analytics, marketing, development, design, engineering. The growth hacker intends a quick, cost-effective but innovative method to attain growth instead of following conventional processes.

Any business will not grow without planning the future. One cannot satisfy with the current achievements or business growth.

The world of business is uncertain as many aspects affect it internally as well externally.

Freelancing depends on the strength and skills of the person or business that he runs. Planning is a crucial element of the freelancing business as the business run on your will and it is not bound to any restriction.

The planning can range from daily to yearly. The growth strategies ensure business sustainability and open new dimensions to your business.

The ways to apply growth hacking strategies:

1.Smart goals which you can cash on

Strategy planning begins with setting goals. Goals can be further divided into objectives and projects.

Setting up a plan is a skill to identify your strengths and weaknesses that will guide you to set practical goals.

Arbitrary or dream goals can create a fuss and confusion. Determine your goals that are within your reach. 

2.The strategy is not about data analysis 

Gathering data and analysis is a good habit to survive in the long run. But depending on it all the time cannot ensure success.

Out of the box, thinking can lead you to try new ways. Adopting the strategies of innovation and experimentation is core in growth hacking.

3.Plan from the available information 

SWOT analysis will make you aware of the internal and external environment. Maximizing your potency to strengthen your freelancing business and keep a check on your weaknesses to grab the opportunities. Similarly, keep eye on the events happening around you that can pose threat.  

The available data of competitors, market and government policies may reveal upcoming prospects. This analysis reveals your position as a dog, cash cow, star, or question mark to plan accordingly. 

4.Experiment with new ideas and strategies

Repeating the same program based on the data analysis can bring stagnation in progress. The new outlook to freelancing is a whole new world altogether which makes you the captain of your ship.

Exploring new paths can bring new ways to progress towards triumph. Sometimes may lead to failure but with new learning and ideas.

Keep experimenting that can bring a whole new meaning to your business escapade.

5.Try and repeat

You cannot just jump from one strategy to another if it does not work. Try and repeat technique aids to overcome the flaws of the strategy and will lead to a better solution. Repeat the process until it leads to positive results.

Skipping from one to another strategy may lead to a chaotic situation and ultimately the result will be vague.

Three key areas while planning your growth strategies:


To reach out the potential customers through advertisement. It is the announcement of what you have to offer and how it can benefit them.

2.Social media

Let the customer turn to you with their requirements. Sometimes everyone is not active on social media. So need to find ways to connect to your customers or clients.


This will help you to catch the attention of the target audience than engage and retain them. Automation brings ease and more validity and reliability to your business.

Some unusual approach to growth hacking:

Freelancing is a demanding job for both beginners as well as experienced. There is no set of rules. Everyone is a master of their skills and time.

Managing time and work can pose a challenge to the growth curve.

1.Attending events

Meet new people and new organizations. Do not restrict yourself to limited people. Exposure can open a new arena to your business.  

Attend important events to create a network and represent your brand to target new clients.

2.Add certified courses to your bio

Certifications are an add-on to your professional qualification. It helps to tap the recent trends in the market in the particular field.

Recent studies have revealed that most managers and companies consider the certification before hiring. The new knowledge expands your professional base.

3.Create your brand image

Unique qualities and skills can form your brand image. Every freelancer has to develop a platform to represent his professional achievements and skills.

Every product need to be sold has a certain selling point. Creating a background attracts potential clients and benefits.

Growth hacking strategies ensure quick and sustainable growth without following a routine path.

Innovation is the heart of growth hacking that ensures acquiring new customers and retaining the valued customers. Remember growth hacking is not a marketing strategy it is growth marketing.