10 things to Make WFH Interesting While Taking Care Of Your Health (Mental & Emotional)

Working from home can be one of the most challenging yet fun-filled tasks.

Being a professional freelancer working in a home setup for more than half a decade now, I truly relate to the apprehensions with professionals new to the remote working scene.

From piles of dirty clothes, Noise from the TV to constant bustling in the house, everything tends to distract you and hamper your focus. This blog is my take on how one can make work from home interesting while ensuring optimum mental and emotional health during pandemic unrest. 

1.    Create a work schedule:

I have noticed, one of the most prominent reasons that cause work stress is difficulty in prioritizing and channelizing the energy.

As a thumb rule, you should start listing down all your work at hand and make a fixed schedule A structured day can enable you to strike the perfect balance between your personal and professional life.

Establish realistic deadlines and targets to finish your work. This way you will not be easily distracted and your stress levels will also be in control.

2.    Dedicate A Workspace:

A comfortable space in your house filled with positivity can improve your work productivity. Create a workspace that provides you utmost comfort and convenience while working.

Avoid working from bed to overcome the feeling of lethargy and boredom. Try creating a professional setup for freelancing that will give you an office feel and ensure the right posture while you work from home. 

3.    Take Breaks:

One of the greatest advantages of WFH and as a freelancer is a liberty to work in a small block of time.

Scheduling your time and having an optimistic approach is less likely to procrastinate you while you are working.  

Avoid working continuously, take little breaks from time to time. Some breather in between can help you to accumulate your energy and improve your mental health.

4.    Limit Distractions and Interruptions:  

I personally had great difficulty in coping with interruptions and get back on track. Interruptions and distractions can hamper your work productivity and delay your work.

Try limiting distraction and interruptions by blocking social media sites, muting your phone notifications, etc. If you are working from with kids try adjusting your work schedule as per the daily routine of your kids, try to keep them engaged, Plan to keep a check on them from time to time, relax with your kids after finishing your work, spend some family moments together, indulge in some leisure activities to rejuvenate yourself between work breaks.

COVID-19 has set the trend of remote working, it is the new normal to embrace the change and mold yourself to be a successful freelance professional.

5.    The 10 Min Rule:

To keep yourself going and to cope up with the work stress, boredom and monotony employ the 10 min rule.

Tell yourself that you have to work on your task/projects for 10 mins then, post the 10 min mark you can take a small break if you want.

The 10 min rule will keep your momentum on and not let the stress affect your work pace. Personally, I love the 10 min rule, it helped me keep my focus on not let the dullness seep in. 

6.    Reward Yourself:

Rewards are the most motivating, they help you to keep yourself going and overcome all the anxiety and work stress. Practice self-reward techniques like if you finish your work before the set deadline you can watch your favorite show or series, hang out with friends, and much more. 

7.    Take Up Some Challenges:

The monotonous routine and pandemic stress often diffuses the spark to push yourself and work unconventionally. Push yourself and take up some challenging WFHtasks that allow you to broaden your horizons and refine your skills. 

8.    Good Self-Care:

Taking care of yourself and practicing a good self-care routine such as meditation, yoga, jogging, evening strolls, etc can help you to be fit and mentally sound.

Start thinking about what can you do to make yourself fit, fine, and positive. Take some time to spend some quality moments with your loved ones, pursue your hobbies, do what you enjoy, express your aspirations and define your career goals. Good Self Care can keep you moving in a fruitful direction.

9.    Be Experimental:

Self-analysis is one of the best ways to improve your mental and emotional health. Analyze yourself, determine what suits you, plan your activities, employ different strategies, and discover what works well to keep your energy levels as well as hook your interest in freelancing.

10.    Regulate Your Emotions:

Remind yourself of the advantages of working from home. Consider what emotions are you trying to avoid, acknowledge your strongest emotions and conquer your loneliness and fears. Working from home is an emotional roller coaster ride, however, it depends on us how we perceive things and mend things for our benefits and personal growth.

Control your emotions to accept the New Normal and embrace WFH Culture.

What this means for you!

Working from home can be challenging and full of uncertainties. It requires mental and emotional stability to get a hang of it and move forward.

Self-compassion and discipline are the key to work from home for freelancers and must be practiced to the tee in order to maintain your productivity and soar high as a freelance professional.