Avoid these 10 mistakes and become a successful freelancer

Freelancing is in vogue. The complete freedom and endless opportunities available in the market have opened new horizons for freelancers across the world.

Today, brands are looking out for exceptional talent on a contractual or project basis to add more character to their work.

Freelancers are in great demand due to the flexibility and skill set possessed by them. However, a freelancing job is not as easy as it sounds.

There are lots of complications and intricacies that one needs to understand before leaving a full-time job and considering freelancing is a career prospect.

One should anticipate challenges and limitations in advance to make one self-well-prepared for the freelancing world. 

Avoid these 10 mistakes that one must avoid becoming a successful freelancer

1.Avoid taking projects that do not fall under your niche:

Before starting freelancing work, one must be confident about the type of work one can do. A clear idea about your expertise, specialization, and forte is a must. As a freelancer, one tends to fall into the gold trap of work and start accepting everything that is laid in front of them.

One should be very conscious while selecting the project. Try not to take projects that do not fall under your niche. Taking projects, which you can’t deliver, can hamper your image and can have an impact on your credibility as a freelancer too.

Identify your niche and start working on augmenting your skills to gain the specialization of the subject. 

2.Do not miss deadlines:

Freelance works are often time-bound. It requires lots of agility and time management skills to complete the project on time.

One should try not to miss any deadlines while doing freelance projects online. The lethargy and unprofessionalism can have an adverse effect on your project volumes.

3.Stop assuming:

The assumption is misleading. They can affect your relations and may lead you to nowhere. Try to be practical and to the point. As questions to solve your queries and before starting a freelancing project.

A clear understanding of the project and scope of work is mandatory before you agree to do a project.

4.Don’t be casual:

A casual attitude with let it go approach is wrong. As a freelancer, you should maintain professional decorum and must address your clients with professionalism.  

Explain your terms and conditions, working style, timelines, and schedule overtly to your clients. 

5.Have it all written:

If you are working through freelance websites, slack, or any other medium then, you should make sure every aspect of your work is crystal clear and in black&white.

You should not rely on verbal communication and promises. 

6.Do not consider freelancing as the only income:

The market conditions are volatile. There is no assurance about the volume of work. There can be months where you are busy with work and years where you are ideal. So, never consider freelancing as the only source of income.

You should always have a backup plan that if freelancing does not work what will be your plan B. how you will shape your career. Moreover, plan backward and save enough money to get this going until you catch the momentum in the freelancing world.

7.Don’t take excessive works:

Understand your limitations, challenges, and weakness. Freelancing is all about making the right decision and saying no to the right people at the right time.

A calculation of which projects can recoup great benefits, which project is just for the bread and butter, which projects can give you the distinct edge is a must. 

8.Do not overprice or underprice your services:

Overall industry knowledge about what is the current rate in the market is a must. Underpricing or overpricing will not let you sustain in the market for long.  

This does not mean you have to fix prices for freelancing projects. Every project is different and so is its requirement. Try to gauge the essence of the freelance project and smartly price your services.

9.Try avoiding a remote work contract:

Legalities and contract work can be at times troublesome and full of hassle. It can create pressure on you and may obstruct your productivity as well.

Be agile and thoughtful before signing any commitment. For your reference, you can have a simple template mentioning all the important aspects of the project such as the scope of work, rate, deliverables, timelines, etc.

10.Jack of fall master of none:

Every job requires a specialty, employing people who are specialized in their areas can be very lucrative. Doing everything by yourself right from bookkeeping, maintaining records, invoices, follow-ups, work, etc will lead to wastage of your valuable hours.

So and when your number of projects and work increases you can expand your team.

The above-mentioned points explain how you can be a successful and efficacious freelancer. Try avoiding these common mistakes to carve your own niche and brand in the world of freelancing.