How to get your first project as a freelancer?

While the idea of earning extra income as a freelancer or working full time as a freelancer sounds exciting, it is only when you begin to search for freelancer projects; you realize that getting your first project as a freelancer is not a cake's walk.

A newcomer may feel that applying for a freelance project on numerous freelancing websites with the lowest bid is a sure shot way to land a freelance project. But this is not sufficient to get freelancing assignments.

Here are things you ought to grab the attention of project providers and ultimately land you your first freelance assignment:

1.Build a thorough online profile :

Before you begin applying for any assignment online or through referrals online, you have to make sure that you build your online portal on the freelancing websites where projects of your interest and skillset are generally listed.

Some websites where you get freelance jobs are,,, and so on. Your aim is to convince potential project providers that, in spite of being a newcomer, you have the right capabilities, skills, and discipline to complete assignments.

You should state clearly what you are good at, list out your qualifications, skill sets, and experience. Make sure that you are truthful and do not brag while explaining your skill.

2.List your work to create a reputation:

Your online profile should include examples of the work that you are capable of doing. List some of the previous assignments that you may have done. If required, you may work for free with some charitable organizations, start-up companies in the relevant field to build a good list of products for your profile.

This collection of uploaded work shall help portray your abilities, skills and create an online reputation, that may grab the attention of project providers. Make sure that your work shows that you have the relevant skills in your field.

3.Contribute articles to websites : 

This is one of the best ways to build your online reputation. Try You should contribute to magazines, websites in your field that help build your online image. Try speaking to editors of leading magazines in your field or leading websites in the field you've your work and articles are interesting, they are sure to put them up on their websites.

Attach the link to these articles on your online profile. This is a powerful way to show that you have the required knowledge in your field and your work has already been appreciated by peers in your industry. Also, list down any testimonials for your articles or work in your profile.

Many open-source websites publish articles. This will help people browsing the internet notice you and your work.

4.Create a profile on Social Media: 

A well-built profile on social media websites like LinkedIn and regular updates on your page is a powerful way to portray that you are a serious candidate as a freelancer. You should highlight that you are aware of the latest happenings in your field.

Once you have built your online reputation carefully, you now have a basis ready to start applying for projects in your field. Go to the relevant online freelancing website and start searching for assignments that you feel are exciting and you can perform using your abilities.

While applying for such jobs, here are a few tips that you should follow while creating a proposal:

1.Create a thorough proposal:

Generally, where the majority of the candidates fail to create an impression is while creating a proposal. People upload a general proposal for all projects which acts as a deterrent for project providers. You should make sure that you thoroughly explain why you should be picked up for the project despite being a newcomer in the freelancing field.

The project proposal should be precise and concise. It should be too flattering neither too shrewd. Striking a perfect balance and maintaining diction is very important.

The proposal sets the first impression and one should make sure it is up to the mark at all times. To get an idea about how to create a professional project proposal for your services you can go through several websites and online guides for assistance.

2.Submit a sample of the current work:

Actions always speak louder than words. To establish your credibility as a freelancer and to hold on to the interest of the project manager for assigning you a freelance project you should curate the best of your works.

You should make the work portfolio is diverse as well as handpicked. For niche freelance projects online, you can submit works that are pertaining to the client offerings. 
The bottom line

The freelancing world is as vast as an ocean and as deep as a sea. It depends upon you how you leverage your skills and explore endless opportunities. Getting the first project as a freelancer is one of the most difficult milestones, but once to cross this milestone the sky is the limit for you. All the best!