Experiences of Working Mom in a pandemic! The struggles and the opportunities.

Are you a stay-at-home working mom experiencing motherhood and trying to cope up with the New Normal?

Well, this blog specifically focuses on the difficulties and challenges of new moms and how one can make the best use of this time to cope with the struggles of motherhood and thrive on the opportunities. Motherhood necessarily doesn’t mean taking a break from your financial independence. There are a lot of freelancing opportunities that you can explore while taking care of your newborn.

‘We have to live with the virus’ is one of the most common statements that we encounter while going through several articles on COVID 19. The pandemic has made everyone rethink and adapt themselves to the new normal. Being a new mom, I understand the pain, agony, and apprehensions that one goes through. Motherhood is one of the most pleasant and true roller coaster rides. It takes you to new heights every day and brings some novel experiences every moment.

What struck me the most during my postpartum the shock of parenting a newborn during the pandemic. I was worried about how will I able to manage everything the hygiene, cleanliness, and safety precautions were at the next levels. The anxiousness along with the fear of COVID-19 brought a lot of shock and stress to me. 

This blog explains how I learned to cope up with new things around me and molded myself to maintain my work-life balance and caress my bundle of Joy.

The experiences of new mommy

From my personal experience I can surely say that one of the most intriguing questions that many working women face while going through pregnancy and postpartum is ‘Will I able to resume my work’ Well, this pandemic has not only cause global unrest and affected economic systems of all countries across the world but also have curated a new work culture. Working From home is the new normal today. The remote working option has proved to be a blessing in disguise for several new moms like me. 

While being the central influence for my kid, I resumed my work with work from home opportunity. I truly believe that a mother is a perfect balance of purpose and present. Just a little scheduling and channelizing of goals can help us to maintain our career graph while taking care of the little munchkin. 

Blessing in Disguise  

Life is unpredictable and full of twists and turns. One of the most positive turns that I embraced during the pandemic is working from home alternative. WAHM (Work at Home Mom) is the best thing that ever happened to me. The benefits of working from home for moms turned out to be one of the most pleasant dreams. 

Settling yourself with the kid is surely one of the most herculean tasks for new mothers. It takes some time to get the hang of the things around you, set the schedule of your kid, and understand its sleeping pattern. Working from home allowed me to take care of my baby, give her the required time and focus on my career as well. Working from Home not only provided flexible and convenient working hours but also enabled me to spend some great time with my kid. 

Reduce the magnified struggles with Work from Home 

Doubting, 'should I be a work from home mom'? Well, then you are in right place. Even I had the same questions before taking up the work from home option. The constant fear of pandemic and increase in the number of cases, unstoppable community transmission, and frequent lockdowns just doubled the difficulties. It demanded to stay on your toes 24/7. I always wanted to be a working mom while taking care of my baby.

One of the greatest lessons that I learned during the COVID 19 Pandemic as a new mom was the bond that one should establish with the kid in the initial days. Working From Home during the pandemic enabled me to cope up with the stress of motherhood and unrest around me. It kept me deviated from the problems at the same time brought me closer to my child. It is one of the best decisions that I have made. I am proud that am taking care of my baby, maintaining my income, not compromising my career, and slowly gaining the lost sense of control. 

Commuting for me was one of the greatest challenges that I perceived during the pandemic. I didn’t want to compromise on the health quotient of my family just for sake of my aspirations. The introduction of Working From Home thoroughly eliminated the wastage of time and helped me to make the best utilization of the resources around me. My ‘Me time’ with my kid increased to leaps and bounds. I was no more lethargic or tired post work. In Fact, I was way beyond happy and contended. 

Taking things one day at a time

Working from home is intricate, no single day is ever going to same. There will be some unique encounters demanding your attention. Set the balance right, prioritize your work and try to balance things out. Some day you may have little work, while someday your child can be cranky. If your child needs your attention and immediate care leave your work, take a break for some time and then resume. Do not try to do everything and aim to be a superwoman. Even today, I make sure to have some buffer time and take only those projects that are as per my convenience and in my comfort zone. 

Conquering Fears every single day

Motherhood is one of the most pleasant, electrifying, and thrilling journeys that you encounter. The qualms of this voyage are full of excitement and beguiling. It tests your patience and agility every single moment. Covid 19 has made it imperative for everyone to push their boundaries, try something new and sustain in these difficult times.

Working from home allowed me to successfully combat the fear of pandemics and apprehensions of a new mom.

It evolved me as a mother and allowed me to scale up my career graph whilst taking care of my bundle of joy.