Part-time or full-time to Freelancing, What is the right way?

Want to leverage your skills and try your hands-on freelancing?

Are you confused about whether to try part-time or full-time freelancing?

Are you figuring out how freelancing works?

Well, then this blog is surely a must-read for you.

Hi I am Pratik, a freelacer driven by Passion. Here is my story!

Freelancing is one of the fastest-growing opportunities. The pandemic situation and introduction of remote working have brought immense limelight to the freelancing community. Today, people are considering freelancing as a great career opportunity to amplify their income and get global recognition. However, it is imperative to understand the technicalities of freelancing and make your move accordingly. I started my career as a part-time freelancer, wherein I was working with a leading organization whilst doing some petit freelancing projects.

Freelancing projects not only got me some extra income but also helped to boost my confidence and gain recognition.

Freelancing got me the opportunity to come out of my comfort zone and push my boundaries. Freelancing allowed me to improve my digital presence as I made my professional work profile and portfolio on some of the leading freelancing marketplaces such as Fiverr, Toptal, Upwork, Brafu, and much more. These platforms gave me the required exposure and provided various tips to groom myself as a freelancer. 

Challenges await you everywhere!

Initially, it was difficult to manage my professional work commitments and freelancing commitment. Since I was working as a full-time employee there was a limited time window that I had. This is one of the greatest reasons behind the work delays, commitment failure, work quality issues, etc. But gradually, I started organizing myself and learned how to manage my time. The time management technique was very crucial for me to sustain in the freelancing world. I was determined to tackle the challenges and move forward. My part-time freelancing got a kick-start and I was flooded with umpteen freelancing projects via numerous freelancing portals. 

Freelancers work more than regular employees!

In my case, the above-mentioned statement is undoubtedly true. When you are an employee you have someone to guide you, your boss keeps track of your performance, goals achievements, etc. But when you work as a freelancer you hold the solemn responsibility. You have to manage your time, work commitments, marketing, financials, and much more. As a part-time freelancer, I learned the art of multi-tasking which proved to be of great help when I took up freelancing as a full-time career option. Parttime Freelancing not just helps me to acquaint myself with the freelancing community but also made me prepared for the bigger picture.

The taste of freelancing! 

Part-time freelancing is for newbies who wish to utilize their talent to the fullest and shape their careers. Part-time freelancing makes you future-ready. Whenever someone asks me whether to opt for part-time or full-time freelancing the only answer that I have is 'Just get your feet wet in the sea of freelancing and analyze yourself is it worth it.  It is a simple equation, if you want to earn some extra money, get new experiences while not staking your financial and job security at risk then, part-time freelancing is a win-win opportunity for you.

The risk-takers!

Full-time Freelancing is one of the greatest career options. If you have a risk-taking attitude with a zeal to perform and make the mark in the industry then, full-time freelancing is surely your thing. Most people feel that they are undervalued at their workplace, lack opportunities to display their talent or have family commitments. Full-time freelancing allows such individuals to leverage their talent to the fullest and pursue their dreams. Full-time freelancing is as good as launching your business. It motivates you to push yourself, experiments with various genres, carve a niche and make the best use of leading freelancing marketplaces.

Freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Toptal, Upwork, Brafu are loaded with companies looking to associate with expert freelancers having adequate experience of the field. 

Get started with Freelancing!

If you choose to try part-time freelancing: Whether it is part-time freelancing or full-time freelancing commitment and dedication are of vital importance. Many people fail to comprehend the requirements of freelancing and start it just as a hobby. 

From my personal experience I can confidently say that if you will not take your freelancing work as seriously as you do a professional job then, there are chances that you may not be able to sustain yourself in the freelancing market. 

Plan your projects, think backward, excel in the art of time management, balance your personal and professional commitment. Research to find out how you can utilize freelancing marketplace such as Fiverr, Brafu, Toptal, Upwork, etc to expand your reach. Register with the best freelancing platforms that suits your skills have an easy process, simplified dashboard with quality projects.

If you decide to go full-time freelancing: Full-time freelancing demands dedication, commitment, and financial stability as well. You cannot quit your job right away and bask in the freelancing business. You need to think about the expenses and must have a good financial plan that can cover your expenses if required. 

In-depth research of the freelancing industry and freelancing platforms can provide you ample information to determine the demand for your skills and the prospect of freelancing. 

Be competitive and wisely select your niche and projects. You can try various equations with your client and offer a good deal that is a win-win situation for you as well as the client. 

Use the right combination of professional expertise and business mechanism to scale up your freelancing venture and get consistent projects.

The best path to Freelancing

You don’t have to quit your existing job overnight and try your career in freelancing. You can continue your day job whilst covering your expenses and start as a part-time freelancer without risking finances.

But, if you are confident, experienced, passionate about your skills and your specialization, or currently unemployed; just dive into the sea of full-time freelancing and do your best. 

Just remember part-time or full-time freelancing, whatever you do, never give up.

Give your best shot always!