Top 10 Freelancing Jobs To Look For In 2021 

Whether it is magnifying the current income or quitting the existing job, freelancing is gaining immense recognition worldwide. The pandemic situation and global unrest have opened new doors and opportunities for skilled freelancers. Remote working being widely accepted by the global companies and corporates freelancers are gaining immense recognition.

However, the freelancing industry is not easy as it seems, it is deep and endless. One needs to be distinct clutter-breaking to carve a position in the market and retain the clients. It is imperative to understand the various freelancing jobs and projects that are in vogue to hop on the existing opportunities in the market and give your freelancing career a kickstart.

Here are the top 10 freelancing jobs in 2021 to look for to escalate your freelance network and build a strong network in the freelance community:

1.    Copywriter:

In the digital world. Content is the king. The fierce competition and constant upgrades make it necessary for brands and businesses to communicate effectively with the target audience. As a freelance copywriter, you have a great prospect to flourish and launch your freelancing career. A copywriter is responsible to come up with new concepts, themes, ideas, and creative copy to successfully market client's products. There are several types of copywriters however, direct response copywriters have great scope and potential taking into consideration current trends and scenarios.

2.    Web developer:

Software engineering is one of the highest-paid jobs. It can fetch you the highest income if you are an expert in the field with a relevant degree and experience. If you are a software engineer with a great skill set then you can try your hands by picking several web development projects, mobile application development, game development, and much more. If you have an interest in entrepreneurship you collaborate and take your business to next level. 

3.    Digital Marketing Consultant:

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields, it exposes you to a wide network and gains specialization of the field. As a digital marketing consultant, some areas that you can serve include email marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce, website optimization, and much more. Digital marketing consultants are highly preferred due to their potential to attract new clients and increase the online presence of your brand. As you move forward as a freelance digital consultant you can also start your venture as a digital marketing expert and provide a wide range of digital marketing services to global clients.

4.    Social Media Manager:

Social Media has become a big source of income globally. Companies and business hire dedicate team and freelancers to take care of their social media handlings to come up with novel ideas, concepts to increase their brand recognition and awareness. Social media is used as a powerful tool to engage the target audience and generate interest in the products/services. If you have prior experience of handling various social media handles, social media ad campaigns, and knowledge of how to use the right blend of digital tools and social media paid ads to increase organic reach then, you can work as a social media manager and explore this freelancing avenue to its best.

5.    SEO Specialist:

Search Engine Optimization involves optimizing the content and website of the client so that it appears at the top search results. An SEO specialist can help small, medium, larger companies to escalate their ranking on local search pages. Online business spends considerably on search engine optimization for higher rankings and desired online presence. The more you help businesses to get website traffic, the more businesses will pay for your expert services. As a freelancer, if you have a strong SEO skill set with prior experience in search engine optimization, then, you must leverage this opportunity to expand your freelancing business in 2021.

6.       Media Buying:

This is one of the advanced freelancing jobs that have high earning potential. A media buyer manages the placement of online advertising on digital platforms for brands. Generally, a Media Buying freelancer specializes in a specific digital platform and hence different platforms need different media buyers. For Example, A Youtube media buyer specializes in ad management for a particular brand for and so for Twitter and so on. A digital media buyer not only needs the right connections but should also understand the various digital marketing metrics on the specific platform and leverage this knowledge to place the most relevant ads on the platform.

7.       Videography/ Photography: 

Not everyone is a content writer or a digital marketer. If you are good with the camera and understand the art of shooting, videography, and photography could be lucrative freelancing jobs. While these jobs do require you to step out of your house to meet clients at their locations, if you are able to develop a good client base, these could be extremely lucrative freelancing jobs. You can make videos for businesses for their websites, shoot photographs for their brochures, create video content for businesses for their social media platforms, and so on. Even if you are not skilled at video shooting, you can start with at least video editing. If you have a good collection of photographs, you can sell such photographs online for a fee, giving you a recurring source of income.  

8.       Data Analysts: 

With the growth in social media, online transactions, online search, there is an explosion of the amount of data that you find on the internet. If you are curious about the data and have time and the ability to generate meaningful insights on customers, businesses, employees using data analysis, you can be extremely valued by businesses. As a Data Analyst, you can not only generate insights from data but can also create visualizations, graphs, tables, etc. You have to use a combination of spreadsheets, visualization software, data analysis packages, and generate business intelligence. A Good Data Analyst is one of the most lucrative freelancing jobs there is.

9.       Lead generation specialists

Sales are one of the most important skills to possess, especially for the youth. With the advent of the online world, the sales function has now moved virtually. A freelance lead generation specialist can interact with customers via the internet online through video conferences, make presentations online and pitch the idea to the potential customer. While the task of lead generation can be tough, especially in the initial stages, once you are able to start generating sales, there is no looking back. If you are good at it, you can generate a passive income stream through Lead Generation.

10.   Virtual Assistance:

If you are good at providing services to executives or entrepreneurs as an assistant, the role of a virtual assistant could be of interest to you. All you have to do is to offer assistant services to clients from a remote location. Typically, you perform tasks like scheduling, making travel arrangements, responding to routine emails, and so on. Depending on the size of the business and kind of contract, there are numerous virtual assistant roles possible where business owners outsource a predefined task to a virtual assistant thereby saving time and office space.

The Bottom Line

Freelancing is one of the most promising career options that can help you to make the best utilization of your skills, talent, expertise, experience, and specialization. The above mentioned are top 10 freelancing jobs trending in the freelance community with great career and growth scope. Register yourself with leading freelancing platforms such as Brafu to gain a competitive advantage and escalate your career graph.