Looking for work from home options? 5 Options to explore during this pandemic.

As a freelance content writer myself who has been working from home for more than 5 years now have witnessed considerable growth in work from home options, especially since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many fields like Accounting, Human Resources, which were previously believed to be practically and efficiently impossible without going to Office, have transformed their way of functioning. Professionals in these fields are now working from home effectively.

The pandemic has erased the stigma of working remotely as more and more organizations are encouraging remote working options.

I have seen companies giving up their rented office spaces in order to save costs and shifting operations full time through remotely working employees.

There is numerous work from home options that I can suggest given that remote working is going to be a permanent thing in the future. Here are 5 options that you can consider:

1. Web developer and Designer / Graphics Designer

Since the majority of people are working remotely, the market for website development and optimization is at its peak. Today, companies are heavily investing in website integration and designing. If you are a web developer with exceptional talent, skills, and abilities to create attractive and immersive website design then, freelancing in this domain can be lucrative and worthwhile.  Freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Brafu, Toptal, and others provide immense opportunities for Web Developers.

2. SEO Expert

Recently I have noticed a sudden surge in job posting and freelance requirements, especially in SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the need of the hour. It can help your brand to stand out and get a higher search engine ranking. Since limited setup is required to start freelancing as an SEO expert it is one of the best and suitable home options for a proficient digital marketer during these pandemic times. Freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Brafu, Toptal, and others provide immense opportunities for SEO experts.

3. Tele Nurse:

If you are from a medical field and have expertise in dealing with patients then, you can work from home as a Tele nurse and consult your patients virtually. Tele nurses are paid a considerable amount of money for their professional services. In this pandemic era where going to a hospital for consultation is risky and full of uncertainty, a work-from-home Tele Nurse can help you to stabilize yourself and fill the void.

4. Virtual Assistant:  

Before taking content writing as a profession, I have tried various things including Tele-calling and virtual assistance. However, things were very different then and VA was not so widely accepted. With the technological development and digitalization today virtual assistance is a new spectrum. VAs are in great demand. Especially in the online shopping sector. Giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, FristCry, NetMeds, Pharmeasy, etc are employing freelance VA to guide their customers. So, if you a background in dealing with customers in the past you can take up this work from option too.

5. Data Entry / Transcript writer:

The majority of the data entry job can be done online with a minimal setup. All you require is a laptop and a good internet connection to get started with freelancing data entry. Instead of going each morning to the office and risking yourself in a pandemic Data Entry can be a great work from home alternative. Remotely working from home as a data entry specialist you can accept umpteen projects from companies worldwide. 

The Blogger’s Take!!

The advantages of remote working are endless. It has provided employment opportunities in these uncertain times. It has carved a new way forward for those having zeal and passion to pursue their dreams and make a distinct mark in the industry. The pandemic can be perceived as a catalyst for remote work for thousands and millions of talented individuals worldwide. Work from home is one of the best paths forward striking the perfect balance between your career aspirations and safety. Freelancing platforms like Brafu have great opportunities for people interested in remote working.

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